Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Top 10,000,000 Cul-de-sac Land Owners

We made the list!

The Robinson family (0.6 acres)

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Killing Baby Seals


The presidential seal has fallen off President Barack Obama’s podium and clattered to the stage as Obama delivered a speech to a women’s conference. The president was joking with the audience and getting some laughs when he realized what happened. “All of you know who I am,” he quipped. Obama told the audience that somebody in the back was really nervous, referring to the staffer who hung the seal on the front of the lectern so precariously.

Interesting that his reaction is to (first) reaffirm that everyone knows who he is and (second) threaten a staffer for the mishap.  Who does he think he is, The Decider? Or Turd-Blossom? There will never be better Presidents than Republican Presidents.

As for "lol", I always thought it meant "lots of love." Last week someone told me it means "laughing out loud."

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Like My Wife

Agreed! I think everyone should like my wife! That's what marriage is all about: liking everyone's spouse. If this doesn't get me off the den couch and back into what I thought was "our" bedroom, I don't know what will! Wendy, I promise, no more late-night IMing with Jay Rawson Schaller!

The simple truth is I really like my wife! And yes, I mean “like,” not just “love.” My mom once told me that you don’t have to like your family, but you do have to love them. It just makes it a lot easier to love them when you like them too. I suppose that’s true of your spouse too. I’d rather be with her than without her. She’s fun, mischievous, happy, likable, thoughtful, and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to spend all of their time with someone like that!?! And for the haters, it’s not cheesy or sappy to like being with your wife. The people who think it is seem to be those who stick to some stupid “bros before hoes” mantra. Or they’re just people with marriages that suck.

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Feingold Runs Illegal Ad

Doesn’t it seem incredibly amateurish for a three-term senator to make this mistake?

The National Football League has asked the Russ Feingold campaign to take down a newly released ad that uses footage from NFL games. The Feingold campaign reacted quickly.  “We are making an edit to the ad to accommodate the NFL’s concerns,” campaign spokesman John Kraus told the Journal Sentinel. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league did not license the footage used in the ad. He said the league had contacted the Feingold campaign about removing it.

Or, as with campaign finance, does Feingold think that silly laws or rules should only apply to other people?  Isn't that what he was saying about the Patriot Act, that everyone should've voted against it because our Constitution should apply to everyone? Did Walker fire his staffer who made the choo-choo joke and send him to Feingold's camp?

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This should be a lot of fun. Charlie Sykes has renamed his blog to PolitiCrap. His daily output will come in four forms: Blended, Mostly Crap, Total Crap, and Other People's Crap, with the latter category for the regular reprints of press releases from WPRI, AFP and TEA parties around the state, as well as unconfirmed rumors from RPW operatives.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What We Already Knew

A sign of a keen mind is the ability to change when confronted with quality evidence. The sign of a Boots & Kittens-quality keen conservative mind is to be able to change on a dime. It may have been only days ago that this blog derided Dan Bice as a hack journalist who clearly did nothing but suck up to Tom Barrett's campaign, by writing column after column that made Scott Walker look like a dope. Scott Walker can do just fine on his own, thank you very much. Now Dan Bice is a force to be believed and trusted... he's written a piece that almost makes sense if you're looking for material to oppose Democrats.

Follow the logic: Daniel Bice with the MJS has an outstanding piece of journalism that exposes the SEIU for doing what we already knew - acting as a campaign arm of the Democratic party by colluding with them to run nasty attacks against Republicans. 

Like I said, we already knew this, didn’t we?  That's what I call logic: You already know what's true in your gut, and once in a while you can find something in the media that supports it. The only thing shocking is that someone actually admitted it.  A guy at a bar, claiming to be associated with the union, another guy at a bar who works for a conservative candidate, using a false name and occupation, just striking up a conversation with a stranger about mutual interests while surreptitiously recording it with his iPhone. Gosh, it sounds almost romantic. This is what I'd call quality evidence. Somebody bragging at a bar, relaying third-hand bits of possible campaign strategy. And I only thought that happened at RPW events at Country Springs! What sort of guy would record man-to-man conversations for later gratification? Someone on Walker's campaign, that's who.

You know something else we already knew?  The media are willing fools to help the SEIU push their agenda.  The local media outlets should be absolutely ashamed about this:

That’s not to mention all the free media that Morgan has gotten from TV news coverage of his union’s rallies and activities. Morgan specifically mentioned WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) for its coverage of the union’s press-friendly inspection of county facilities last month. Like the Journal Sentinel, the station is owned by Journal Communications. “They’ve really been willing partners in it,” Morgan claimed of the news stations. “They come in with the TV cameras, and (channels) 58, 12 come, and 6 doesn’t always. But, yeah, they’ve been really helpful. They think it’s fun.”

Stay tuned to this blog for more info about the upcoming TEA Party gathering in West Bend. Americans for Prosperity, the MacGuyver Institute, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Grandfathers for Liberty, and WPRI are putting together a spectacular event to inform all liberty-loving citizens about the issues in the upcoming election. I've heard they're bringing in a nationally-well-known attractive conservative woman or two, for the guys who like that sort of thing. They'll hire a country singer who has at least one patriotic hit that mentions guns, boots in the ass, or both. They'll be sure to bring in two or three dark-skinned residents of Wisconsin who will profess to be conservatives, just for diversity's sake. As we learned at the McCain/Palin rally, it's great material for the media's cameras. "I beg of you, Suh!" Makes us look good, if you know what I mean. For those so inclined, there will be a pre-event walk at the mall that includes free diabetes and prostate screening. Maybe we can meet up for drinks beforehand!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feingold/Johnson Debates

This should be fun.

Republican Ron Johnson said Wednesday afternoon that he would debate U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) three times this fall. Johnson, the Republican nominee for the Senate seat, agreed to a debate on Friday, Oct. 8 in Milwaukee; a debate on Monday, Oct. 11 in Wausau; and a third debate on Friday, Oct. 22 in Milwaukee.

Honestly, there are only seven weeks before the election.  That’s plenty.  Feingold’s campaign is so bitter and defensive right now that it should be interesting to see how he acts during the debates.  Ron Johnson's very inability to express himself should be reason enough to vote for him, if you ask this blogger. He's right about sunspots, he's read the Constitution two or three times, and he's right about using industrial revenue bonds as a means to offset the taxes he pays.

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Open Carry Get-Together in West Bend

Here’s a great chance to mingle with some great folks! While there are other moments where conservatives have ridiculed Starbucks as "Something that liberals like", let's bring our guns there on a Sunday afternoon, just to show how much we love some of the amendments of the Constitution. We're going to take-over the West Bend coffee shop as a demonstration of our ability to scare a few liberals.

Join dozens of SE Wisconsin residents for an open-carry get-together at Starbucks in West Bend on Sunday Sept. 26th at 1pm. Network with your fellow rights’-minded Wisconsinites who carry for self-defense in the only manner allowed in Wisconsin:

Open-Carry. Open-Carry is encouraged but not required. Most will be open-carrying. This group typically meets once a month around SE Wisconsin to socialize over a caffeinated beverage. If you’ve never open-carried before this is an opportunity to interact with individuals who go armed for self-defense on a daily basis in Wisconsin and advocate for the rights of law-abiding residents to carry. The Chairman/President of the non-profit Wisconsin Carry, Inc. Wisconsin’s fastest growing carry-rights organization has been invited to attend and share with other attendee’s the current status of WCI’s Federal Lawsuits including the lawsuit they filed challenging the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s Gun-Free-School-Zone law and share other information about WCI’s efforts, present and future.

Where: Starbucks 443 West Paradise Drive West Bend, WI 53095-8540
When: Sunday Sept. 26th 2010 1pm - 4pm
Who: You

Deer season is right around the corner. I'll be taking this opportunity to show off my new bow and well as my usual side-arm. Never know who you might need to defend in Starbucks, and how! What will you be carrying? What will you be wearing? I'll be checking out your piece as well as your footwear. Wendy will be busy with a Dukes of Hazard marathon well into the night, so I'll be free for extracurricular activities afterwards with like-minded gun-carrying men. If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Badger Blogger: Pride of Wisconsin

I've always had a spot spot for manly men, those who wears guns, boots, dusty jeans: there's nothing like that nice package. My buddies over at Badger Blogger sure know how to wage the war of ideas, like making crank calls. Last night, a clever Badger Blogger response shows up in my RSS reader. Let me share it with you. Click below to embiggen, or view it in the Google Cache.


That J. Rawson Schaller! What a card! What a way with words and ideas! If you're bored by the misogyny and racism of @PDiGaudio, check out Schaller!

Douche, suck and fire, and that's just the first sentence! Then wee-wee, multiple penises exposed for all to see, then said penises wee-wee-ing on bared burning bodies, Milwaukee cops, sexy shaving and admiration of big foreheads, Van Gogh fetishism, maybe more wee-wee, guns, threats, and gun threats... The only thing missing is the boots. And they say I'm obsessed!

They say the host makes the party. You can't hang the misbehavior of every commenter on the blog owners, but when you examine the crowd and what they think is acceptable behavior, it's not hard to figure out what sort of party you're at.

[ Correction! It looks like J. Rawson Schaller is himself part of the BadgerBlogger staff. ]

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Republican’s Disease: Would You Want to Know?

Suppose there is a test that can be done to determine the likelihood of you getting Republican’s disease.

Would you want the test?

Should you know the results?

My grandmother suffered from Republican’s disease. She passed away when I was 19, but she was no longer herself many years before she stopped breathing. Before the disease ate away at her brain, she was such a lovely woman. She baked the best pies, she had a grand sense of humor, and she seemed to have lots of friends. But after several years of the disease, she lost her spark. She just wasn’t the same woman. The complaints began: Suddenly everyone around her had not earned what they had, and were branded as ungrateful and no doubt desirous of more handouts. She was always complaining about the gays and the non-whites, even back then. If she was around today, she'd be watching Fox News all day long. She'd eagerly join the Lady's Auxiliary of the local Tea Party. She'd be protesting all those big government programs, except for Medicare and Social Security.

It’s possible, maybe even likely,  that her road is the same road I’ll travel someday. If there is a test that can tell me (privately) that I will, I want to know so I can prepare for the trip. But on the other hand, if there’s a test that can tell me that I won’t, a huge weight could be lifted from my shoulders. Of course, it’s possible I could end up with some other kind of dementia or who knows what else, but suffering the indignities of being an old Republican is one of my greatest fears. If I could either confirm it or rule it out, I would call my doctor tomorrow and find out.

How about you? Me? I'm off to the park!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Racism in Wisconsin

As we discuss the racist rant on Folkbum’s site, I reflect on my experience with racism, or I should say, with not seeing racism. I am the Boots and Kittens blogger. Follow my logic.

I’m a child of Texans, but I spent my adolescence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  As a white Christian in an Arab Muslim nation, I generally felt accepted as long as we kept to our own kind, so to speak.  There were certainly places for foreigners and places where we didn’t belong.  But generally, we spent a lot of time in the homes of Muslim Arab families playing with other kids and I never felt unwelcome.  Sure, there was hired help in everyone's home, but it was my impression that they were well-treated and quite happy in their place in life. My deep impression is of welcoming, gracious people, but then again, I was always conscious that I was the visitor in their culture, even though I was whiter than them.

After all, slavery was banned in Saudi Arabia in 1962. That was at least fifteen years before I was there. Today, there is a large immigrant population who are well-paid for their work in the homes, construction sites, and brothels of that country. No abuse is possible. Everyone has free access to the legal system for redress of grievances. Oil money trickles down to the poorest man, eventually.

I mean, imagine the boot on the other foot. If I was a black man in the South and subjected to what some call "racism", I would also be content with keeping to my own kind, knowing there were places I couldn't go, only certain churches where I could worship with my own kind. Everybody is happy.

Once we passed the Civil Rights Act in the Sixties, everything was just fine down in Texas. Let me tell you a story from back then. See, Br'er Fox was wise, but not as wise as ol' Br'er Rabbit. "That big ol' rabbit won't get away this time. No, sir, we'll catch him, sho! I'll catch him fo' sho!" Oh, wait. Wrong story.

In Texas from age 12-26 or so, it was fairly racially integrated.  By "fair" I mean that in the average Texas town, if non-whites were allowed to stay after sundown, they pretty much had their own section of town to keep to, or else. Horribly racist jokes and nicknames abounded - from all sides - but people of all races were just a part of everyday life.  If everyone's telling racist jokes and hurling racist epithets, it pretty much evens out, I was taught. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. were my friends, bosses, employees, colleagues, customers, acquaintances, etc.  (Notice I left out "neighbors" because we lived on the white side of the tracks.) I admit that the language could be rough from time to time to those of a more sensitive non-white ear, but most people of all races I knew in Texas identified themselves first as Texans, second as 'Mericans, and somewhere down the line as their particular race.  Not that we noticed race, except when it came to jocular exchanges of jokes and nicknames.

Since moving to Wisconsin, I think it’s the most racially segregated and stunted area in which I’ve lived since Riyadh.  People are geographically and culturally segregated by race to an alarming extent.  It’s disturbing.  Some parts of town are downright scary! We tried to pick an integrated section of the state, but all we could find was this modest home on a cul-de-sac in West Bend. Nearly three percent of the population here claims to be mostly non-white. I understand that it’s much worse in other places, but it’s certainly not great here. 

I know… I’m a white guy, so I’m not "allowed" by Them to opine on these things… but it’s just my observation…

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roundabout Rules

If you stop at a roundabout and wait for the roundabout to be clear before you venture into it, you will not only have to wait a long time, you will also end up with very many cars behind.  They are just so confusing. The grand purpose of roundabouts is that you usually don’t even have to stop at all. And turning on your left blinker is pretty pointless in a one-lane roundabout! They must be European or something. I can't stand it! How am I supposed to get to the mall and get back in time for My Show? It's just more evidence of the government trying to control our lives. Why are they making the roads different from the way they were in my youth?

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Button’s Reign of Terror

As I said last week, we have a fox living in our back yard this year.  My eldest daughter reminded me that we saw a fox a few times last year, so it may be the same one.  In any case, our fox, Button, has become a regular guest.  We see him at frequent intervals - usually eating our mulberries. 

I’m happy to report that since the regular appearance of Button, there has been a decrease in sightings of chipmunks and squirrels.  We still see them, but not as much.  Also, I haven’t see a rabbit in a week or so.  Hmmmmm… the woodchucks are oblivious to all.

If Button keeps the other critters at bay, I’m considering putting a cat dish out to keep him around - as long as he doesn’t keep TOO well fed. Then I'd need to shoot him! I've enjoyed fox several times before. Woodchuck isn't bad, either, if you let it stew. Why they don't let us hunt in the public parks, I'll never know!

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Celebrating Independence Day

We had a marvelous dinner of traditional burgers on the grill.  Then, at dinner, as is her place in my life, Wendy recited the Declaration of Independence including each of the signers.  We spent time discussing the meaning of various… er… declarations.  As it happened, the fox that lives in our backyard came out to eat some berries out of the yard.  We decided to name him Button, after Button Gwinnett.  His nickname is Butt.  Not sure that’s a good thing.  I mean, I like Butt as much as the next guy, but... If I was out shooting at the range and having a good ol' time with some male companions, to say "Come over and see our Butt running around the yard" might be miscontrued, especially if Wendy wasn't home when we got back.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spot On

Mark Belling takes up the issue of “civility” in West Bend.  Good segment.  Listen away (about 4 minutes in). 

It's so simple. Follow the Belling's logic. It's only the conservatives who are told they are uncivil when they're the least bit sarcastic. These g-d liberals and lefties! They're everywhere! Killing babies, pushing the gay porn into the libraries, disturbing suburban life by allowing low-income housing. Those politicians who don't like controversy, who think polite discourse is uncivil? They should just get out of politics. Who are they to wish there would be no controversy?

The solution is simple. If the politicians simply represented the people who shouted the most, who snarled and simplified like Mark Belling, then there wouldn't be any uncivil diatribes and there wouldn't be any controversy. Frankly, I don't know what Belling would talk about, and his show would be replaced by prerecorded hymns. There's nothing wrong with radio-transmitted diatribes that thread together the topics of rising taxes, gay bars in Milwaukee, and developers building slums - and that was only the first half-hour yesterday. Mark Belling has never seen uncivil behavior on this blog (and he's never looked at BadgerBlogger.)

This is America, full of regular West Bend-ians who go on cruises with Mark Belling.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Threads of History

I’ve begun reading George III, A Personal History, by Christopher Hibbert.  One of those fun little tidbits of history was revealed on the 8th page. 

... the future King George III, was born on 4 June 1738 at a home in St. James’s Square rented from the Duke of Norfolk.

and in the footnote:

Norfolk House was demolished in 1938 and the present house, No. 31, was built on the site to the design of Messrs Gunton and Gunton.  A plaque on the front of the building records that it was there that General Eisenhower formed the first Allied Force Headquarters, and planned the North African campaign of 1942 and the invasion on north-west Europe in 1944.  There is no plaque recording the birth of King George III.

How fitting. 

On an unrelated note, on page 43 the author is relating the voyage of the future queen to England.  It references two of her companions as such:

These were the Duchess of Ancaster, her Mistress of the Robes, and the Duchess of Hamilton, First Lady of the Bedchamber, the discomfort of the first being exacerbated by her being pregnant and ‘subject to hysteric fits’, and of the other by concern for the lactation of the ass that she had insisted on taking aboard with her.

I googled “lactation of the ass” and the results were… unpleasant.  Surely there is another meaning, but I can’t seem to uncover it.  Does anyone know?

Update from the comments and the Wife: If she brought aboard a female ass - a donkey - (known as a jenny) in milk, she’d need to be milked just like a cow. That makes sense as I reread it.  By the phraseology of the author I took “the lactation of the ass” to be a noun - as if she had a jug of ass milk - but that wouldn’t seem to present a source of agitation no matter how rough the seas. Wendy pointed out to me, before we went to bed, "Maybe the boat was being tossed about so the ass quit lactating and the woman needed her milk, dang it. Good grief, Owen. Move on to the next paragraph. Please. Can’t you just look at porn like normal husbands?"

I cannot explain my inability to understand this passage. Milk from an ass? Jugs of ass milk? These were my first thoughts. Female ass was much further down my list. How unpleasant!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Political Games With Bucyrus

Hmmmm…. this is looking more and more like a set up.  Follow the logic:

First, there’s a giant story in the MJS Sunday paper saying that a decision by the government-funded Export-Import Bank may cost Bucyrus a huge contract and up to 1,000 jobs.  The Bank's policy was shaped by anti-coal forces who wanted to fight global warming by discouraging coal mining. In this way, Obama was appeasing and controlling the green forces and extracting campaign contributions from ecological types who are always marching on their silly environmental crusades. But Obama is a lying crap weasel secret Muslim, so he works both ends. Obama is from Illinois, a known coal-producing state. I know, I've been to the Museum of Science and Industry. He'll save the jobs for the coal miners, too.

Second, a day later, we see that the agency is reconsidering. What a coincidence! And yesterday as I cruised the interstate after dinner, travelling from rest stop to rest stop, I saw an unmarked black helicopter circling a well-known West Bend landmark. The parallels are ominous, aren't they? You might think he's busy golfing, but he's actually directing the placement of news stories in the Sunday Journal. He can do it via Blackberry.

We now see that Mayor Barrett is going to meet with President Obama to discuss this issue. Next I expect to see the bank reverse its decision and Barrett (and Obama) claim to have “saved” 1,000 jobs, much in the same way those same jobs were "ruined" only moments ago.

Why would Mayor Barrett be meeting with Obama on this?  Bucyrus is located in South Milwaukee, which anagrammed is "House Lake Wit MU", clearly a hint to the White House, Lake Michigan, Waukesha's water problems, the garden hose that runs from my house to Wigderson's house, and Marquette. Bucyrus is not even in the City of Milwaukee.  In fact, it would make more sense for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to meet with Obama regarding Bucyrus than it does Barrett, as "A Excrescence Twit Yuk Volt Out" is an anagram for "County Executive Scott Walker".

The answer is obvious.  They're all lying crap weasels. This is a setup designed to give Barrett some much-needed media play and make him appear to be an effective leader.  It’s a political stunt.  Plain and simple.  And it’s being played out on the fears of all of those Bucyrus employees who are worrying about keeping their jobs. 

Just bear in mind that those jobs would have never been threatened had not the Obama Administration first put a gun to Bucyrus’ head.  Now Obama and Barrett will swoop in to save everyone from a crisis that the Obama Administration created in the first place. 

Political gamesmanship.  Pure and simple. Working both ends. Obama is simultaneously all-powerful, omniscient, and yet entirely ineffective.

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